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For example: Ich subject schenke dem Mann indirect object ein Auto direct object. As you can see here, I am doing something to the man. Das Kind subject gibt der Mutter tanzkurse für singles hamburg object einen Kuss direct object.

  1. Wenn ich hier erwischt werdebedeutet es den Tod.
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The child is doing something to the mother. The mother receives an action from the child.

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Du subject schreibst dem Mädchen indirect object einen Brief direct object. The girl is receiving something from you. The action is taken towards her.

The action itself is writing the letter, which shows the accusative case. Single or taken deutsch you are unsure, if the noun is assigned to the dative case as indirect object, you can ask: Wem gibt das Kind einen Kuss?

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To whom gives the child a kiss? There are certain verbs that demand the dative case. For example: helfen — Ich helfe dem Mann.

Suffixes (Nachsilben; Suffixe)

There are certain verbs that demand the dative and the accusative case. For example: geben — Der Mann gibt der Frau das Auto.

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Additional information on German word order There is a concept behind the cases in German. They allow us to play around with the word order.

single or taken deutsch

In English the syntax sentence structure is important to clarify which nouns play which role in the sentence. In German the cases are taking over that job.

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So later on, when we are more fluent and comfortable in German, we are able to play around with the sentence structure without changing the meaning of the sentence. This works as long as we stick to the correct cases for the nouns! If you feel like digging deeper into these topics and widen your skills on the beauty of cases, come and join us in our Lingoda classes.

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