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The argument here is that recklessness in the criminal law is best understood as nevertheless containing an element of reasonableness. To be reckless, on this view, the defendant must reasonably believe that she is exposing others to a risk of harm.

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This point is most important in relation to offences of endangerment where recklessness sets the outer limits of criminal liability. Footnote 3 The need for this reasonableness requirement becomes clearest through consideration of endangerment offences.

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Footnote 4 This approach would over-privilege various forms of luck, and pay insufficient attention to culpability. The second response to the problem, requiring reasonable beliefs about risk, avoids these problems.

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Remaining objections and clarifications to the reasonable-belief-based view of recklessness presented in Sect. Problematising the Belief-Centred View of Recklessness The problem with a belief-centred view of recklessness is often veiled in real-life endangerment cases, because most defendants have what appear to be reasonable beliefs about the dangers involved in their conduct.

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Consider an embellished version of the English case of Parker. Footnote 6 Parker was a lodger an informal subtenant in a semi-detached Council house a form of social housing leased to Smith.

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Footnote 7 Smith was dissatisfied with her accommodation. Parker did not check if his neighbours in the connected property were home before starting the fire. Footnote 8 Assume, for the purposes of this article, Footnote 9 that Parker believed that his neighbours Footnote 10 might be home and in danger of being killed in the fire.

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Laypersons may think that Parker had a point. Footnote 17 Starting a fire in a domestic property certainly can be that type of activity.

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Footnote 19 The case for such sub-optimality is partly intuitive, and arises from consideration of more sympathetic examples than Parker. However, suppose her belief is simply false. Thus, no one hearing her would understand her to be menacing in the slightest.

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Indeed, any listener on the phone would misunderstand her as saying that single minded def wants to hug everyone single minded def to death. If the belief-centred view of recklessness is correct, then Falecia is guilty of the MPC offence. Television reports from the area show what is essentially a war zone.

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