Single equation regression models ppt

To do this single equation regression models ppt often test smaller models of the real thing.

Using Econometrics

For example instead of testing the fail weight of a steel beam they may test the fail weight of thin tinsel of steel. They can then use a ratio or even a graph to determine the weight that a bridge much larger can hold. The following activity is similar in nature to this testing process.

Tools: 1 paper cup with 2 holes punched in it 1 cup full of pennies Uncooked spaghetti 10 pieces Scotch Tape Procedure: 1. Thread a piece of spaghetti through the holes in the cup. One person will suspend the cup by placing each index finger about one inch in from the ends of the spaghetti.

Keine Notizen für die Folie degreesofdebt. This paper illustrates how educational attainment affects debt profiles.

Another student will carefully add pennies to the cup, one at a time, until the spaghetti breaks. Take two new pieces of spaghetti.

For beginning econometrics students or practitioners interested in updates and a refresher.

Tape each end together with scotch tape and then place it through the cups. Record on the data table below 7. Suspend the bridge again as before and begin adding the pennies.

single equation regression models ppt

Repeat this until you have tested 10 pieces of spaghetti. Graph the results. Our spaghetti pieces will represent our x data and the pennies will represent the y data. On the right hand side there is a data tab.

Click on it and you can enter your coordinate points. You can also label the axis, give your graph a title, single equation regression models ppt put your names where it says source.

Spaghetti Math Regression Activity

When you are done you can preview your graph to answer the questions below. I would like a copy of your graph, so email it to me at jhutchison brownmackie.

Looking at your graphed points do they seem to fall on a straight line or a curved one? Which kind of function does your graph look like?

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Is it a linear, quadratic, or exponential? Think about the types of function activity as a reference.

single equation regression models ppt

When you had 4 pieces of spaghetti how many pennies could this hold? When you had 5 pieces of spaghetti how many pennies could this hold? So with each new piece of spaghetti how many more pennies could you hold?


About how many more pennies are required to break a bridge each time another piece of spaghetti was added? Can you tell this from your graph?

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Use your graph to predict how many pennies would be needed before a bridge of 20 pieces of spaghetti would break.

Do you think this seems correct? Describe in words how to determine the number of pennies needed to break a bridge if you know the number of pieces of spaghetti.

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Translate your words above to an equation that could be used to determine the number of pennies y needed if you know the number of spaghetti pieces x.

When you are dealing with data, graphs do not always look perfect. If you calculate the equations of the functions by hand, they can be time consuming and difficult. If you want to find the equation of your function you can use a regression calculator online and it will do all of the work for you!

The Art of Regression Modeling in Road Safety

If you have any trouble, ask for help! Once you have the equation of your function write it down and graph it on your iPad.

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Does the equation match the original graph that you made? Why or why not? Verwandte Interessen.

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