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They were at the centre of a movement that broke in the UK more than 50 years ago, one that remains strongly influential today.

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So how did Paul and him survive those heady days of the s and somehow keep their friendship intact for the next five decades? They had been a trad band and were making the transition.

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It was that kind of conversation! So had he played bass before he joined?

manfred mann 2020 tour dates

It was the Ich möchte ein Mädchen treffen of youth, and I was just desperate to get out there and play. Dave was a really good bass player and went on to a very successful career as a session player, playing on hundreds of hits and album tracks.

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But at the time I thought I was just faking it. But when the opportunity came after about a year and a half, I switched back to guitar and Jack Bruce came in on bass.

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And I was really glad about that. But it worked out!

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I put it to Tom that this was a classic era and such a great time to be in music. And there are other factors as well.

Da gab es einige Fragen, denen wir auf den Grund gingen, und sprachen u.

There was full employment at that time, so if you wanted to try something you could. It was happening with film, with drama, with novels, and with music.

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It was the first generation after the austerity of the war and immediate post-war period. All these year-olds thought I was in a tribute band, doing weddings and that.

It was such an emotional thing for them …and for us! Any plans for a revised edition or follow-up? I feel a bit like that, talking about it! Manfred mann 2020 tour dates love the lyric and the story it brings back to me.

You're going to...

Was that him finally asserting himself? Hughie and I hated it!

Graham asked if he could borrow it. It was one of those moments. And it was.

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That brings us up to date, with the band still going strong today, with no plans to retire yet — at least as far as Tom is concerned. But not before. Share this:.